Thailand Photo Tour: What To Photograph In Bangkok

Thailand photo tour options are explored by many photographers – particularly those who are taking their first foray into traveling to Southeast Asia on a photography vacation. Thailand is the perfect 'beginner country'. It has Western comforts, yet it also has a plethora of photographic vistas and landmarks to see and snap.

In particular, Bangkok is the most visited destination by foreigners in Thailand. Many photography tours run from out of Bangkok and it's no surprise as to why – despite the busy traffic and dense pollution, Bangkok is the gateway to the rest of Thailand. It serves as a great hub for you to come back to when you've seen enough of the rest of Thailand; but that should only be after you've photographed Bangkok's extensive palaces and temples. In particular, Bangkok's temples are numerous and beautiful to behold at night-time – lighting up the night sky and providing buckets of charm to the cityscape. As far as photography tours Asia wide go, Bangkok is just the perfect place to experience your first foreign photography tour. The Old Royal City is the best place for tourists to start, but be wary – there are some signs restricting usage of cameras. Given there are many guards present – often armed with automatic rifles and sub-machine guns – it's a good idea to take any warnings fairly seriously! For those looking to go beyond Bangkok, the north offers a hilly environment and much culture, while the south is mostly populated with young Americans and Europeans – as seen in Hollywood movie 'The Beach', starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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