Santorini Photo Tours: Places To Photograph

Santorini photo tours are absolutely recommended for those with photography experience who happen to be visiting this gorgeous Greek island. Whether you've been photographing for 20 years or just 2 months, a photo tour is a unique and unconventional way of taking in this stunning location.

Despite its small size, Santorini offers some spectacular vistas and views – thanks largely to the town of Oia. Photography tours will take you on some of the least traveled parts of Santorini to give you an insight into life on the islands and the chance unlock a few photographic gems along the way. Sunrise and sunset offer great opportunities to capture Santorini, and particularly Oia, at its finest. At sunset, crowds gather at Oia Castle to view the sunset – known locally as the 'Blue Hour'. While it's a busy tourist event and everyone is distracted by the sunset, it does give you the perfect opportunity to find a high spot and photograph down to the beautifully lit town below. The sunrises are just as breath-taking as the sunsets and these are best taken from the tiny town of Imerovigli. The view from here is known as the “balcony to the Aegean”. Lastly, you'll want to make sure you definitely capture the blue domed churches that are present in Oia, Fira, Perrisa and Imerovigli. Yet, just as with other photography tours Europe wide, there's much more to see past the traditional sights of Santorini.

If you're interested in heading to Santorini, you should definitely lookout for Santorini photo tours. Inhabitants of such islands often make for the most knowledgeable of guides to such locations, and Santorini is no different. With Apogee Photo Magazine, we can help you find the right tour guide on the island to suit your level of photographic skill. For more on European photo tours that we recommend, as well as fascinating tips, tricks and techniques to achieve better photography, just visit today!