Bhutan Photography Tour: Photographic Tips For Your Visit

Bhutan photography tour guides can open up a side of Bhutan that most mainstream tourists will never see. Despite this terrific opportunity for unique photography, there are still some things that photographers should be aware of before visiting this fascinating landlocked country sitting between Tibet and India.

The country is a very popular venue for photographers and photography tours due to its mostly Buddhist culture and traditions. However, tourism is not a 'free pass' in Bhutan. It is restricted by the government and you must always be with a guide on your trip (unless you are guest of a Bhutanese national). These restrictions also apply to photography and there are certain artifacts that you are not allowed to capture on film or photograph. This is why it's a great idea to find a photography tours Asia specialist who can help you find a guide with both photography experience and a vast knowledge of the country. Guides with a photographer's acumen are incredibly important in getting you access to the right locations. Whilst subjects are mostly okay with having their picture taken provided you ask first, you may end up getting a negative response in the bigger cities. It's important to treat subjects with courtesy and respect in Bhutan and, indeed, anywhere in the world – just imagine how you would feel if someone just took your photograph without asking. Lastly, be careful when trekking or hiking through Bhutan's fields in rural areas: poisonous snakes, such as cobras, are in abundance.

Outside of the restrictions and rules which you should learn before going on a Bhutan photography tour, this is a great way to see such a spiritual country that is emerging on the modern world map. For more ideas on worldwide photo tours and to find out more expert tips and techniques for better photography, just visit Apogee Photo Magazine's website at Your cameras will thank you!