Cambodia Photography Tour: Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Photographs In Cambodia

Cambodia photography tour guides offer a way to see Cambodia that is specifically tailored to the needs of a photographer. While mainstream tours can end up busy, crowded and going at high speed, a photo tour of Cambodia can allow you to take your time photographing the sights.

Within Cambodia, there are a lot of beautiful sights to snap such as peaceful forests, white sand beaches, flowing rivers and historic temples. Light is the big factor behind getting the most out of your photographs in Cambodia. Due to Cambodia's proximity to the equator, the best times of day to go on photography tours are between sunrise and 9am, and 4pm to sunset. In terms of time of year, the best photography of Cambodia has come during and after the rainy season (between June and December). It is possible to capture photos of truly extraordinary rain in the sunlight during these periods. Temples also offer a terrific way to photograph traditional Cambodian architecture. However, be sure to ask monks before photographing them around the temple. It is worth noting here that photos of the military and police should be avoided. It's also important to protect your equipment when going on any long-haul photography tours Asia wide. This is particularly important in Cambodia where rain, heat and dust can affect the long-term health of your equipment – particularly dust during the dry season which can enter into the camera and dirty sensors. Knowing when to travel to Cambodia, what time to take your pictures and the best way to protect your equipment will ensure you take the best photos when on vacation there.

So when it comes to going on a Cambodia photography tour, you need to know all the tips, tricks and tours to ensure that you get the best photographs out of your trip. Apogee Photo Magazine can help you with expert analysis, tips and our recommendations for the best photo tours worldwide. Interested? Then just visit