Edinburgh Photography Tours Will Guide You To Overlooked Attractions

Edinburgh photography tours can be a wonderful way to take in the terrific and historic scenery of this city centre, featuring beautiful architecture. Not least of its attractions is the stunning castle that towers above the capital city of Scotland's busy streets. But there are photo tours that can allow you to see the parts of Edinburgh that often go uncovered by tourists.

Photography tours are a great way to branch out and experience more of Edinburgh's diverse and archaic vibe. No place better sums this up than Stockbridge. This rather unconventional area of the city is brimming with unbridled bohemian style thanks to its niche, independent and artisan shops and cafes. It gives this area of the city a small town vibe and is a great central place to snap vibrant pictures. Then just a few minutes up the street is Dean Village. Here you'll find a collection of charming Tudor revival mills made of sandstone straddling a small river – it's simply glorious and photographic opportunities are aplenty here. Also worth seeing is Edinburgh's smaller castle – Lauriston Castle. This delightful tower house, built in the 16th century, contains a fine collection of gorgeous items as well as a very pretty Friendship garden that was gifted by the prefecture of Kyoto, Japan. Finally, heading out of the city centre, you have to take in Portobello Beach. It offers a glimpse of that seaside charm that has brought delight to many vacationing Scottish and British families for decades, as well as great potential for photographs. Despite its small size, Edinburgh's sheer charm and beauty allows photo tours here to stand tall against other photography tours Europe wide.

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