Glacier National Park Photo Tours: How To Photograph A Glacier

Glacier National Park photo tours are a great way to take in and snap the sights at this aptly-named national park in Montana. Undoubtedly, you're going to want to see glaciers within the park. Despite the recession of many of the glaciers in the park over the years, it's still a great place to learn how to photograph these ice masses.

A major problem when it comes to glaciers is, of course, light. Every photograph can be hindered by light difficulties, but the snowy surfaces of glaciers multiply the problem. Cameras read the surface as if there is more light than is really present. If you're looking to photograph subjects alongside the glaciers, backlight can be a problem. To counter this, it can be good to use flash or keep the sun behind the photographer. When it comes to wildlife photography tours of areas featuring glaciers, photographers also want to make that animals aren't lost to the vast presence of such reflected light. Make sure to have the animal as the main focus and increase shutter speed to make the shot sharper, which can also be helped by opening up your camera's aperture to make the background blurred. Glacier National Park is a great place in the US to do a 'test run' if you're looking to visit the Arctic or head north into Canada in the future to photograph glaciers. Despite the fact that many of the glaciers at the park are receding, there are still a number of stunning locations to visit and wildlife within the park to snap. Looking at photography tours of Glacier National Park is, therefore, very worthwhile.

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