Guided Photography Tours: Are They Worth It?

Guided photography tours have become an extremely popular way for people to experience nature, wilderness, wildlife and travel photography. However, if you're a photographer who has never been on such a tour, you may be considering if it is worth going on a dedicated photo tour instead of a more general trip.

There are most definitely positives and negatives to every option, but the only real negative to a photography tour is if you aren't a photographer! Despite being a little bit more expensive than the standard tourist trail, photography tours are perfect for those looking to take shots in peace and with their specific needs being met. While general tours may consist of any number between 50-100 people and will only take in the typical tourist sites, wildlife or travel photography tours consist only of a party of between 5 and 15 people. Far from creating lots of noise and causing disturbance, a photography tour is generally only attended by serious photographers. For this reason, everyone is quiet and respectful – nobody is going to stand in the way of your shot! Not only that, but having a guide who is a photographer really helps. They know the best locations to get photographs – often away from the crowds – and are also able to plan a route that accommodates light levels. You have no control over the speed at which a general tour is conducted or whether or not the light level is suitable; but with a photo tour, you will have an expert guide who has your photography in mind.

So are guided photography tours worth it? Absolutely. If you visit Apogee Photo Magazine's website, you'll find that we've recommended a number of different tours and expeditions that we believe offer quality. While you're there, you can also take in some new tips and techniques – there's something for everyone, no matter what your skill level. So just head over to today!