Photo reviews By Noella Ballenger

Sharp? Look Again!

April 4, 2018

SHARPNESS: A BOURGEOIS ADDICTION Tack sharp. Insanely sharp. Razor sharp.  Our relentless pursuit of sharpness is like giving birth to a porcupine, backwards. Looking at gear ads and the photo [read more]

Sharp Eyes for A New Year

December 23, 2017

My mother used to say “keep your eyes peeled” as if I had two ripening bananas in my head. Well, keeping our eyes peeled, and being vigilant, is certainly good [read more]

NOW and THEN: American Photography Masters

December 22, 2017

NOW and THEN is a series which explores current cultural events in photography that connect us to photography’s history. This month we visit the “Masters of American Photography” exhibit with Jim Austin [read more]


July 12, 2016

Photographing wildlife and those magnificent animal events. As photographers, we see things most people see only on television. We can all recount a story or two of scenes we’ve observed [read more]

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