Kyoto Photography Tour: Places You Have To Capture

Kyoto photography tour guides offer a great solution to those looking to cut through the hustle and bustle of crowded downtown Kyoto – particularly during the popular 'Cherry Blossom' season which will attract many, many tourists to the city. While capturing the sight of this spectacular season is a must, what about the other sides of Kyoto?

Considering that Kyoto was the capital of Imperial Japan for over 1,000 years (known as 'the thousand-year capital'), you can be sure that it's a city with a rich history – making it perfect for photography tours. There are, for example, a variety of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city. It helps to create a peaceful feeling – even despite there being a crowded city centre – and these sites sit well with Kyoto's more modern architecture. The contrast between the traditional and the contemporary makes for great photographic opportunities. If you want to embrace the lively side of Kyoto in your photography, Toei Kyoto Studio Park offers just that – offering both a theme park and an active TV/movie set rolled into one. For those interested in individual subjects, the Gion district of Kyoto is one of the only remaining geisha districts left in Japan. However, the geisha are often stalked by many tourists with cameras which may make a true photographer feel uncomfortable with questions of morality and consent. Instead, many photographic tours are planned around festivals such as the Gion Matsuri in July, or the Miyako Odori staged by the Gion Kobu geisha in April, where the geisha perform annual public dances. These are just some of the best times and places to go to Kyoto on travel photography tours.

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