Myanmar Photography Tour: Go With A Responsible Guide

Myanmar photography tour guides offer both beginner and experienced photographers a chance to see a side of Myanmar that the mainstream tours won't cover. During such tours, you'll spot monks walking through the streets, men wearing traditional skirts (the longyi) and women wearing equally customary face make-up (thanaka).

While it's easy to pull the trigger on your camera whenever you see someone captivating, it also brings up questions of morality and ethics. That's exactly why you should only go on photography tours with someone who is aware of the values and behaviors that are expected of photographers in a particular location or a country. For this reason, a local tour guide with photography experience or an expatriate of the country who is a photographer are ideal selections for your photography tours Asia. As with photography in any country, if you are looking to take pictures of a human subject, it is polite and proper to ask for that person's consent. Many tourists arriving in Myanmar believe they can snap away anyone, but it is important to remember you are dealing with real people. It is completely natural for a photographer to point and click when they see a photo opportunity, but a responsible tour guide can keep you on your toes about particular customs in a country. If you do take a picture and the person notices, make sure to wave at them and even offer to show them the picture. They may be upset and ask you to remove it, or they may even be delighted with the result.

So make sure to go on a Myanmar photography tour with not only an experienced photographer, but someone who understands the local cultures and customs – and be respectful! At Apogee Photo Magazine, we recommend the best photo tours in Myanmar, Asia and worldwide. To see our tour partners, find out new photography techniques or learn new tricks to make your photography even better, just visit us at