Photography Tours Europe Wide Help Photographers To Improve Their Pictures

Photography tours Europe wide can offer any photographers, from beginners to the more experienced, a host of opportunities. Do you want to take stunning shots of ultra-modern skylines, of ancient cities and harbors, or of spectacular landscapes and wildlife? Would you like to experience camaraderie and make new friends with like-minded people while developing your own photographic skills with a professional photographer? Are you aiming to turn your hobby into a career? All of these are possible outcomes of attending dedicated photography tours Asia or Europe wide. Whatever your goals, with the diverse range of tours available, you will easily find a European tour to suit your photographic interests.

The Different Types Of Photography Experience On European City Photography Tours

City-based tours in Europe can focus on a number of different areas. There will always be a place for the ever popular ‘travel’ photography tour; but increasingly, such trips are being developed to cater to particular photography styles. A London photography tour, for instance, might be planned to take in the many contrasting architectural styles on show in the UK’s bustling capital. Photography opportunities may include capturing images showing the ancient grandeur of buildings such Westminster Abbey, the Royal Palaces and the Tower of London; or more modern, state of the art structures such as Canary Wharf, the Gherkin or the Shard. However, you may be tempted to embark on a trip that will help you develop skills in night photography; or improve your street photography skills with tours focusing on London’s hectic street life and famous markets. If you are fascinated by documentary-style photography, there are planned tours of ‘secret London’, for instance. But when considering European city tours, don’t just think of major cities like London, Madrid or Prague. Smaller locations such as Edinburgh can offer just as many photo opportunities, with its medieval Old Town, Castle and elegant Georgian neoclassical ‘New’ Town. There are opportunities for landscape-style photography capturing the sweeping views from Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh’s other six prominent hills. Look out for specific events in locations that might fit with your photography goals, too. A passion for street or documentary photography can be indulged by planning Edinburgh photography tours at the time of the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe or the New Year Hogmanay celebrations, for example.

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Landscape And Wildlife Photography Opportunities On Photography Tours Scotland Wide

Europe is also a popular destination for those interested in wildlife and landscape photography. Taking the Highland Region in Scotland as an example, this area offers landscape photographers a vast range of geographical features to capture. There are mountain ranges, forests and inland lakes (known as lochs). As with all photographs, the image you capture will depend on the time of year and day. The Cairngorm mountains, for example, are snow-covered in winter, but rarely in summer; and in the evenings, they can often appear to glow red in the setting sunlight. The region also has stunning areas of ancient pine forest where the trees are direct descendants of the first trees to colonize Scotland after the last Ice Age. Photography tours Scotland wide may focus on capturing images of the wide range of wildlife that inhabits the region. Highlights for photographers are the rare Capercaillie among the Scots Pine; the protected Red Squirrel, Pine Martens and Red Deer among others. There are even opportunities to photograph dolphins around the Scottish coast. But wildlife and landscape photography opportunities are not limited to the UK, of course. Among other destinations, Spain photography tours to the Andalusia region offer a range of spectacular landscapes to photograph. The region is one of the most geologically diverse around, offering the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada, the desert landscapes of the Tabernas Desert, tidal marshes, ancient oak forests and stunning coastlines. But where can you find advice and insights to help you choose the best locations and the best photography tours Europe based for your needs? Try the Apogee Photo Magazine website.

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