Polar Bear Photography Tours: Tips On How To Photograph Polar Bears

Polar bear photography tours are incredibly popular. The polar bear has become something of an icon of the endangered natural world. Because of this, many people flock to photography them – perhaps for the first and last time. So if this is going to be your only opportunity for snapping polar bears, you'll want to get it right.

There are some important tips to take on board before you go on a photography tour that involves taking snapshots of this vulnerable species. Firstly, if you've never been on wildlife photography tours, practice taking snaps of moving subjects prior to the tour. This will give you an understanding of how to adjust your photography for wildlife in a way that is more practical and less theoretical. Photography tours that are more local to your home and include picturing wildlife may be a good idea in preparation for the trip. It's also important to get very good at zoom shoots. As wild animals can be easily spooked by people, using zoom photography ensures that both you and your fellow tourists don't have their photo opportunity ruined by having to get too close. It goes without saying that using flash photography can be a big no-no, as some animals will be startled by the light. This can cause them to feel threatened and will quickly drive them off. If you're finding that you need the flash to compensate for light levels, save it for when everyone is happy with the shots they've captured. Lastly, mute any sounds that your camera may make. Like a flash of light, sound can be a deterrent to good wildlife photography opportunities.

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