Spain Photography Tours: The Best Cities To Photograph In Spain

Spain photography tours are extremely popular and very varied, which perfectly suits the country's size and diversity. Many different cities in Spain not only feature regular tourist tours, but guided tours from indigenous photographers. Here we list some of the top cities in Spain to snap whilst on your trip.

When it comes to photography tours in Spain, Madrid has to come high on the list. The city embodies a modern free spirit, yet its architecture is both stylish and elegant. These two approaches clash rather beautifully at the museum of Caixaforum where modern and traditional collide best. Barcelona is next and the city offers everything you would want from photography tours Europe with every modern luxury and amenity. Barcelona, like Madrid, also marries together the traditional with the modern. Lookout for striking structures such as the Sagrada Familia church and the Casa Batllo. Cordoba, situated in romantic Andalusia, is small but full of history and features a whimsical set of tiny streets and courtyards that have stood since medieval times – offering unbridled character as a backdrop for your photography. Lastly, there's Valencia. The town benefits from being on the coast and both the Mediterranean Ocean and the beautiful beaches can serve as great scenery for snapshots. These are just some of the major cities in Spain, but be aware that there are over 8,000 municipalities in the country. In other words, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking Spanish locations to create your ideal snapshots.

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