Travel Photography Tours: An Excellent Experience For Amateur Photographers

Travel photography tours are becoming a much more popular way for both beginners and more experienced photographers to develop their skills and learn new techniques from professional guides and photographers. Photography tours, whether to exotic islands, snow-capped mountains, forests or more open country, can provide brilliant photography opportunities. However, for many amateur photographers discovering a new subject or place, what equipment to bring can become a daunting question. Too much and you will need to be an Olympic weight lifter to carry it all; too little and you may not get anything more impressive than your usual holiday snaps.

What Equipment Should I Take On My Photography Tours?

So what level of photography equipment should you take on travel or wildlife photography tours to strike a reasonable balance between a good level of functionality and mobility? Firstly, especially if you are a more experienced photographer, do not be tempted to bring every piece of equipment you own. Remember if you have some piece of kit or a photography gizmo that you hardly ever use at home, you are unlikely to use it on guided photography tours. Generally, the lighter you can make your camera and supporting kit the better, especially if your tour includes air travel, where you may well incur significant extra costs for any excess weight. Many high-end DSLR cameras undoubtedly take brilliant shots and have easily interchangeable lenses, but this is offset by their heavier weight. A lot of professional travel photographers recommend a compromise by using Micro Four Thirds or compact camera systems which still have many of the features of their larger counterparts, such as interchangeable lenses, but are smaller and therefore lighter. Make sure you take a good supply of memory cards. If one fails or gets lost, you will not lose all your photographs; and more importantly, you will not run out of storage in the middle of photographing the temples and palaces on your Kyoto photography tour, for instance. Remember to take a card case as well to protect your valuable cards (and your photos) from damage. It can make the cards less easy to lose in the bottom of your bag, or anywhere else.

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Other Must-Haves, Whether On Everglades Or Grand Canyon Photography Tours

Taking a laptop will allow you to back up your photos at regular intervals and means you can see everything you have achieved every day. It also lets you review your photos easily, share them with the rest of the group and get feedback on your pictures from the professional photographer guiding your trip. Some tour operators provide laptops, so ask when you are booking; but in any case, it is a good idea to take a robust external hard drive or memory stick for the peace of mind the extra backup will offer. Spare camera and accessory batteries are essential: in the middle of an Everglades photography tour, you might not have the opportunity to recharge your batteries every night and it may be difficult or expensive to source new batteries. Do not forget your chargers and any necessary adapters if you’re coming from abroad so you can plug them in for recharging. It is also an idea to bring a compact power strip in case you arrive at your hotel and find the room only has one socket to charge everything. On many trips, like Grand Canyon photography tours, cameras and equipment will be exposed to dust, dirt and even water, so remember to take camera cleaning equipment. A microfiber cloth and blower brush will be invaluable. Finally, pack everything in a good quality camera bag to protect all your gear. On the Apogee Photo Magazine website, you’ll find a host of articles and tutorials to help you prepare for your tour, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced photographer.

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