Wilderness Photography Expeditions: Survival Tips

Wilderness photography expeditions can be a great way to avoid tourist spots and travel individually or with a group of like-minded people with the intent of photographing wildlife and the wilderness. However, precautions must always be taken if you're looking to make such a trip. In this article, we go through the things that you should consider before an expedition.

Firstly, it goes without saying that you should be dressed for the occasion. Check the weather and make sure to take gloves, a hat and a heavy jacket if it's expected to be cold. Depending on how long you're going on the trip for, make sure to pack enough water, energy bars, emergency rations and, of course, a wilderness survival kit. This should include things such as water purification tablets (if you get lost and are without a safe water source), a good knife, waterproof matches and a fully prepared first aid kit. Remember to include any vital medical prescriptions too. A flash-light, extra batteries, a signal mirror and even a whistle can ensure that you can signal for help, if needed. While it may seem easy to disregard some of this kit, you may find yourself regretting that decision. Photography gear should always be dropped in favor of survival gear if you're finding it impossible to carry everything. Lastly, and most importantly, tell someone where you're going and give them a plan of what you intend to do. If a rescue operation is needed, you'll be thankful you did. Of course, another way to approach wilderness photography is by going on guided photography tours – like nature-specific or wildlife photography tours.

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