Car Photography Ideas Using Your Smartphone

Car Photography Ideas

In this article we look at great car photography ideas, specifically using your smartphone to capture amazing car images. Also you can check out our car photography tutorial video below.

Car and cameras were both invented in the 19th century, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the two feats of engineering became more accessible to the public.

Until then, owning a car was reserved only for the richest members of society, and even cameras were considered somewhat of a status symbol.

When the photography world first came into contact with cars, it’s scope was purely recreational. The black and white images of old fashioned automobiles would ultimately end up on the walls and mantelpieces of wealthy families, politicians and aristocrats.

By the mid 20th century however, the implementation of mass production had dramatically accelerated the output of the manufacturing industries. Not only did this make consumer goods such as cameras and cars more accessible, but it commercialised them as well.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before the photography of cars became a discipline of its own. Today, many camera experts within the imaging industry identify specifically as car photographers, which comes as no surprise when you consider the enormous advertising budgets of global automotive companies.

Today, when flicking through the glossy pages of Top Gear magazine for example, you might think that capturing such stunning and dynamic images of the latest sports cars is simply an unachievable goal for an amateur photographer.

After all, these high profile ad campaigns make use of the latest and greatest in camera equipment. The COOPH team on the other hand, or the cooperative of photography as they are also known, set out to prove the opposite.

Car Photography Ideas –  Use The Camera You Have

The simple fact is; the best camera is the one you have with you – because everyone has to start somewhere!

To put this theory to the test, COOPH teamed up with professional car photographer Bernhard Spöttel from Germany, who swapped his DSLR for nothing more than a Huawei smartphone. Joined by COOPH’s founder Ulrich Grill, the two photographers went on a mission to shoot a BMW M2 and Mini Countryman at locations around Salzburg, Austria.

From countryside spaces and woodland roads, to underground garages and rooftop car parks, Spöttel and Grill show how different locations can be used to create exciting aesthetic styles and engaging visuals.

With the addition of some basic rules of composition, a few dynamic angles and a dash of creativity, they were able to capture highly professional results without the use of flashes, reflectors, or any other expensive equipment.

Whether you’re stoked on your new ride, or looking to sell your old one, this video will teach you to make your car look cooler than ever with super car photography ideas.

So, grab your phone, get shooting and be sure to share your work. Aspiring photographers can see more great tips and tricks on COOPH’s youtube channel:  and on their website:

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