nature and wildlife photography

Capturing Butterflies

July 12, 2016

My favorite recipe for a successful nature photograph is to pick a well-known subject and portray it in a novel way. Pictures capture initial attention when the viewer can easily [read more]


July 12, 2016

Missed it by that much. Got it! Following a bird in flight from far out increases the chances of getting a nice shot when it gets closer to you. Staying [read more]


July 12, 2016

Learn some photo techniques to improve your shots of waterfalls and fast moving water. Copyright © Andy Long By getting close and tight on a section of a waterfall, more [read more]

Apogee Alligator Adventures

July 9, 2016

Alligator Island: A lone alligator in Withlacoochee Bay on Florida’s west coast is on the hunt for food. Digital camera, flash fill, 180 mm lens. Photographer Jim Austin, M.A. A.C.E, [read more]


July 9, 2016

You’re driving down the road of most any wetland area in the country, and you notice something out of the corner of your eye–something standing next to the tall grass [read more]

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