Excuses: Why You Don’t Take the Shot

Get some tips on what can make you stop to get great photos.

More Excuses

Excuse 2: “I am sure that there will be other dandelions in better positions up ahead”.

I was in the Lake Tahoe area and the dandelions there are large and lovely. I saw this one right next to a dirt road and kept on driving. The light was almost ready to drop behind the distant mountains. I just knew I could find another, better one up ahead … or even tomorrow. When I finally realized what I was doing, I did a U-turn and stopped to photograph this particular dandelion just as the sun was dropping behind the mountain.

Excuse 4: “No, I really don’t need to have the camera ready to go. There isn’t too much to see here”.

While visiting some friends on a farm one hot summer day, I tucked my camera and film under a couple of blankets and went into the house to talk. Suddenly, I looked out the window and raced out to the car. I must have looked the fool as I began to toss stuff out of the car and on to the ground. Finally, I found my camera and raced over to grab a couple of shots of their grandchild running through the sprinklers. The combination of light and action didn’t last long, but it was worth it. Next time I vowed to stay prepared.

Excuse 3: “It is foggy and cold and I really don’t want to get out of bed this morning”.

This seems to be one of my favorite excuses. I was staying with a cousin in southern Germany and the night before I said I needed a “nature fix” and some time alone on a country road. So he drew a small map for me, and I said I would be back by breakfast. The next morning my alarm went off and I looked out the window. It was dark. There was a deep fog and gloomy weather. I didn’t want to appear the “wimp” so my ego forced me out of bed and into the car… muttering and fussing all the while. I followed his map for a bit and noticed as I climbed a hill that the mist was lifting. Then I saw this small dirt path that disappeared into the forest. Long story made short … I came back closer to lunch with some really great shots.

 Excuse 5: “I know I have to go out in the storm, but I won’t get the camera out because it might get wet”.

Driving along Highway 395 near Mono Lake in California, it was a stormy fall day. The sky was dark and it looked ready to explode in heavy rain any moment. Suddenly, a shaft of sun broke under the clouds and everyone in the group pulled over and bailed out of the cars. We had less than 3 minutes of glorious shooting before the light disappeared and the rain poured down. We got soaked and the cameras did too but as soon as we got back into the cars, we cleaned and dried our gear. No damage done … but it was worth it. (Next time I promise that I will have a plastic bag handy … just in case).

by Noella Ballenger

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