Eye-Opening Boudoir Photography Ideas From the Field

If Paleolithic art is any sort of clue, depictions of beautiful women have been popular for eons. While rock sculptures of luscious, prehistoric goddesses may not be the same as 21st-century boudoir photography, the idea is very similar.

A tasteful image by a professional photographer can be an empowering thing…and we’re going to  offer you some boudoir photography ideas in this article

Boudoir Photography Ideas
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A brief history of pinup art

Grecian urns and cave paintings aside, pinup art we all know and love it today originated toward the end of the 19th century. Erotic art historians generally credit a French artist by the name of Jules Cheret with popularizing pin-ups.

Cheret’s frankly sensuous illustrations appeared in many Paris publications in the 1890s.

In the early years of the 20th century, American artist, Charles Gibson, made a nice living (and a lot of young men happy) with his depictions of an elusively erotic female character dubbed ‘the Gibson Girl.’

With her loose updo and wasp-thin waist, the Gibson Girl epitomized the feminine ideal of the age, according to Eyewitness to History magazine.

During World War II, American film stars Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth posed for perky pics that undoubtedly boosted the morale of soldiers far from home.

Which pinup queen are you?

Bettie Page was a pioneer in the world of saucy pin-up photography and film. With her dark brunette hair and straight bangs, the shapely siren maintained a good-girl smile, no matter the kinky accessories featured in her photo shoots.

Another Betty by the name of Grable, made the hearts of soldiers beat a bit faster with her one-piece swimsuit and long, long legs.

Marilyn Monroe, whether posing in the buff or holding a pleated skirt demurely in place, remains a pinup icon to this day.

If you’d like to preserve a yummy moment in time for yourself, consult with Marla at marlamillerphoto.com.

The range of boudoir poses you may assume is limitless. Would you like your special portrait to depict you as an innocent milkmaid with a frankly erotic attitude? Or would you prefer to pose in thigh-high stockings and stiletto high heels?

Look through your photographer’s portfolio of poses to get some great boudoir photography ideas.

Browse gentleman’s magazines for naughty poses you might wish to emulate. Let your imagination run wild, and you’re sure to come up with a variety of boudoir photo poses to recreate on film.

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Boudoir Photography Ideas – Preparing For Your Photo Shoot

For the best first-time boudoir photo experience, meet in person with your photographer a few days before your session. Get to know each other, tell him or her who you want the photo for, and why. You’d be surprised how many different reasons ladies like having a sexy photo taken of themselves.

Of course, many women explore boudoir photography as a gift to their significant other. Some do a boudoir photo shoot to feel more like a sex goddess than a new mom. Many women choose to pose for a sexy photo shoot to show off weight loss and a newly toned body.

Still, others opt for a photo shoot strictly for their own personal empowerment. The more your photographer understands what you want and why the more satisfying your photo experience will be.

First, decide what you want to wear (or not wear) during your boudoir photo session. Try everything on at home to make sure it fits. Many boudoir photographers have props you can use, but for things like panties and stockings, you’ll want to bring your own.

Practice your makeup skills or schedule a pre-photo appointment at a beauty salon. Your photographer can probably put you in touch with a great local cosmetologist. Boudoir photography is mostly about make-believe. In your boudoir pics, you can be anything or anyone you wish.

A few words from professional boudoir photographers

Boudoir photography offers everyday women a chance to look and feel as glamorous as any movie star or professional centerfold. When it comes down to it, the images of so-called perfect women we’re bombarded with every day are mostly to the credit of great photographers, says the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Trust your photographer, and you’re bound to love the finished product. Don’t worry –most everyday women are at least a little bit nervous the first time they pose for a pro.

There’s no reason to feel shy about having a professional photo taken. If you want to do so in a super sexy outfit, talk to a boudoir photographer today.

Marla Miller, author of the boudoir photography ideas  article, is the founder and principal photographer at Marla Miller Photography. Opened in 2012, Marla specializes in boudoir photography. Her approach is to interact in an open, honest, and authentic way, all the while aiming to capture an image that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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