Intova X2 Review – The Waterproof Camera Built For Action


Flash and Video Light underwater? Yes.  Intova’s X2 is the only camera in the world with a built in photo flash and 150 lumen video light.

A rugged marine underwater camera, it shoots HD video and photo, and can be remote controlled with WiFi. Click the video to see the Intova X2 review.


Smaller than a baseball, with a tough rubberized body, the X2 goes anywhere on land and is waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet). I took the X2 kayaking, driving, and took lots of 16 MP still images, and made several time lapses with its 2.3 inch CMOS sensor ( complementary metal oxide semiconductor), and previewed the results on the 2 inch TFT LCD monitor with 960 by 240 pixel resolution.

The X2 weighs 17 ounces, about a pound, and feels lighter.

Intova’s X2 shipped with a red water float strap, an extra side door for land use in addition to the one installed for underwater use, an LCD hood which was easy to snap on, a Lithium battery, and a brief visual user guide whose contents include links both to the app and also to the online PDF instruction book.

Keep in mind that this camera was designed specifically for underwater use, so its design, use and functionality are different than DSLR’s or micro 4/3rd’s cameras.

The shutter release button, for instance, controls multiple functions including Shutter Button, Video start and stop, Photo shutter button, Power flash on/off by pressing and holding, Thumbnail view and delete, and the Menu Exit.

The power button, for instance, controls Photo, Video and Playback, as I mentioned in the VIDEO above.


To charge the camera, you first pry open the release latch. This took considerable dexterity. It closed with a very solid snap. When the X2 is connected to a USB computer port, it gives you three choices: MSDC, CHARGE and OPEN. To transfer files, you select MSDC and “drag and drop” image files to your device.

You must select CHARGE, otherwise the camera battery will not be charged. Personally, I found this a unique aspect of the X2, which took some getting used to, since the camera does not charge unless you specifically select the CHARGE option in the menu.

When I selected the third option, OPEN, I could shoot with the X2 while it was charging. Intova does not include an AC adaptor, but sells an AC adapter as an accessory (Universal USB Charger/AC Adapter, model I-USB-CH).

Intova X2 Review
[ Photo: The X2 is the World’s First Underwater Action Cam with built in video light and flash}.

Intova X2 Review – Real World Hands On

Kayaking and driving, the X2 performed well. At times the battery life was under two hours. Turning off WiFi and lowering the 1080 P HD video resolution to a reduced setting, were two actions that prolonged battery life. I found no image stabilization option on the X2 model I evaluated. The camera dries quickly and can be charged right after drying, ready for another adventure.


The X2 came with a mini-USB cable. It transferred files as reasonable, not fast, speed. You must have all the Win 10 drivers installed. The cable was faster than placing the memory card (included) into the adapter and then into my laptop.

When I filled the 8 Gigabyte Micro SDCH card up with 2 hours of video on a wet kayaking trip, the camera to hard drive transfer time was just over 10 minutes to transfer all the 20 minute video segments that the X2 parsed individually.


To use WiFi for remote control of the X2, you can find the app in the Google Play Store. Search for Intova, and then download the app for Edge X2.


The x2 has 4 diving modes. I accessed them in the camera’s Image Quality/Scene Mode section of the menu. Diving 1,2,3, and 4, respectively are for depths from 25 feet to 50 feet, from 50 feet to 75 feet, from 75 feet to 100 feet, and for depths below 100 feet.

You can buy an accessory red filter (I-RED2) to reduce any blue cast when shooting underwater if you like, but I’d recommend trying the DIVING modes first for your specific salt water conditions. There is also a magenta filter for Video and Photo shooting in fresh water conditions.


The X2’s origin go back to Intova’s first action cam, the SPORT PRO, launched in the Spring of 2012. The company itself, Intova, was founded in 1995 and acquired by Industrial Revolution in 2015. It made reusable film cameras in waterproof housings and digital waterproof housing cameras. Later a POV/action camera line up was engineered.

After the Sport Pro/Sport HD camera, the models included the SPORT HD EDGE, and EDGE X which led up to the X2. The X2 is manufactured and assembled in factories in Shenzhen and Xiamen, China. It is supported and distributed in Honolulu, Hawaii at (808) 837 0074.

 Author Of This Intova X2 Review:  Jim Austin MA is an adventure photographer.  Austin has been teaching photography for 3 decades. His latest book is Ruins and Rust: Illuminating the Hidden Bahamas. He lives aboard the sailing catamaran Salty Paws, now underway to Nova Scotia.


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