Oh Baby: Pointers for Photographing Your Fidgety Infant

Taking a photo of professional quality with your newborn is an unsung art. These little ones are going to be moving all about. This can be hard to take the perfect picture. If you’re the parent or a photographer you’ll want to know the best way to be able to capture a baby’s moments in action.

These photos can be great for when they grow up and for the parents to show all around to other friends and family. It’s not an impossible task, only difficult to take the photo.

Taking the Photo

There are a lot of surprises that come with newborn photography. There are multiple ways and styles to go about while taking photos of babies. There are a couple key points you should take to heart before doing so though. For one you’ll have to determine what type of photo it is that you want to take.

We can narrow the types of photos down to two distinct kinds. One of those is an in-studio staged type of photo, while the other category is live shot lifestyle photo. As a parent or photographer you’ll want to be clear on which one you’ll be doing. This will change the dynamics and range a lot.

Varying Photo Sessions

A session in the studio is going to be done within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life. They are pretty sleepy and will be easy pickings for a photo. The photos should be done during a time they’re asleep and looking good in blankets or wraps. This session can be easily done, as they’re just asleep, taking account for the occasional breaks when they’re up and about.

A lifestyle session is more of a casual photo shoot. This is done once the baby has grown up a little more into a month or two. At around 6 weeks is an optimal time for these types of baby shoots. For one they’ll be moving about and there is a great atmosphere going around here.

It is more of a natural setting and takes less time. These types of memories will be precious as you’re capturing the moments as they’re happening.

Tools of the Trade

You have to be prepared, as babies can’t take direction that well and don’t understand the concept of photography. A great tool you can use to shoot these pictures is your smartphone. Our cameras on our phones are getting better equipped to deal with this. Take the Sony Xperia as an example on how well it takes photos.

You’ll be able to see your photos in real time and edit them at the same time. When a baby is moving around in a natural lifestyle shoot, the more pictures you shoot the better.  You have to be prepared and make sure you have everything during a shoot. A quick checklist of editing software, tools of the trades and more is essential to getting the best baby shoot possible.

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