Privacy And Copyright For Photographers

It’s happening constantly, all over the world! Yes, thousands of photographs are being stolen off photographers who post their images online. People are snatching images from  anywhere on the web – perhaps from your website, Google images search, Social Media sites, photo hosting sites such as Flickr, and even from websites where you gave approval for the use of your images.

These photo thieves couldn’t really care if your photos have the proper copyright notice, are on pages with copyright information posted, or are on pages with links to your Terms of Use. They probably don’t read it or , don’t even understand it…or likely plain ignore it.

The following infographic explains the process involved if your photos are used without your permission, there are means to try to take back your rights and protect your property

Privacy and Copyright for Photographers: What You Need to Know - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Source: WhoIsHostingThis

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