Photographer profiles

Bob Ringham – 20 Minutes From Home

July 12, 2017

Photography is all about passion. I have been a photojournalist for over 40 years. I approached each assignment as a person, journalist, and photographer. You can make storytelling images as [read more]

Photographer Of The Week – Yasser Alaa Mobarak

June 18, 2017

24-year-old, Egyptian award-winning photographer, Yasser Alaa Mobarak, shares some of his superb images with us. Yasser  is a 24-year-old, Egyptian award-winning photographer. He has won photography prizes from National Geographic Traveler India, National Geographic [read more]

The Hopeful Photographer

February 25, 2017

How does being hopeful help your photography? Apogee Magazine Photo Coach Jim Austin offers three intriguing ideas. First, we explore hope. Next, we take a look at knowledge of subject. Finally, [read more]

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