Tales from Around the World: A Continuous Quest

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Child’s Play

Once there was a photographer strolling about looking for the next image that might meet his eye–another great photo that he could capture and add to his repertoire.

He happened to notice a young, barefoot child walking up, then back, then up and back again in front of a waterfall. Since he caught the photographer’s eye, the photographer stood back and simply watched the inquisitive child’s actions unfold.

The child would walk up to the waterfall and just put his hands into the water and then step back. This activity took place for about 10 minutes, until the child’s curiosity could be contained no longer. He walked up to the waterfall, stepped into the water, put both of his hands into the curtain of water and separated it so that he could slide his face in for a closer look–maybe there’s someone behind that falling water.

At that point, the photographer simply whispered a quiet “thank you” and took the shot.

Short story by G. A. Walker

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