Tales from Around the World – Colorado & Okinawa Join Forces

Image of girl sitting against a tree in Okinawa, Japan by Michael Lynch.

Okinawa, Japan

Sit and Talk with a Tree

Can you take a little time

to sit with a tree?

You don’t have to be there,

you just have to see.

Is it rooted right close

in the yard of your mind,

or does it invite from afar –

a figure standing sublime.

Does it prevail among friends

all waving in sync or

persevere all alone –

do you really think?

Do its arms reach out

to gather you near?

Let them shroud you in love –

precious moments hold dear.

Does its torso invite you

to rest back for a time?

Just breathe slowly together –

together combined.

Can you converse in words –

talk to a tree?

Heaven forbid,

someone else should see!

What would you say –

what thoughts would you share?

Your secrets and feeling –

intertwined with care.

Will it respond to you

from its canopy in reach or

from its patterns of roots

lying far beneath?

Let your mind be still –

listen real close.

Ages of wisdom and knowledge

it will disclose.

Can you grow together,

you and this tree?

Provide for each other –

there’s much to perceive.

And when you’re all done,

can you give it a pat and

thank it for helping you

get where you’re at?

So maybe, just maybe,

you’ve come by to see,

you can sit and chat –

sit and talk with a tree.

Prose: Marla Meier
Colorado, USA
Copyright 2009

Photo: Michael Lynch
Visit his website.
Kin Cho Kin
Okinawa, Japan
Copyright 2009

by Marla Meier and Michael Lynch
Prose: © 2008 Marla Meier. All rights reserved.
Photo: © 2008 Michael Lynch. All rights reserved.

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