The Austin Method: Crazy Faces

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Would you like to have some fun using your never-ending creativity? Here’s an easy image editing tutorial that will help you to create some wonderful, imaginary crazy faces.

When I taught digital photography at Colorado University in the USA, my students started calling this The Austin Method, and since I taught it for digital imaging courses and workshops, it became a signature tutorial.


Here’s what you’ll see:

1. How to make a Crazy Face using Photoshop.

2. It will show you the secret technique of how to make the face asymmetrical – how to copy one half of a face, fill the canvas with white, and then paste in the copy. Then, copy it in a second time, flip the second copy horizontally, and clone out the middle seam with the healing brush or rubber stamp tool.

3. It shows how to warp the face to give it personality.

Crazy Face image of alligator using The Austin Method by Jim Austin

The fun parts of The Austin Method

You can use any image editor you have in your workflow. Once you have learned the steps of The Austin Method, you can apply it to your own crazy faces. Have fun and let your imagination take over, because you can apply this method to wildlife and scenery, as well as portraits.

by Jim Austin, M.A.

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