Top Pointers for Photographing Children Like a Pro

Even in the digital age, shooting a constantly moving target is tough, especially when it happens to be a child. If you want to make child photography less time consuming, yet still get the best pictures there are some trade secrets that you should know about. Once you’re in know, you’re photos will never look the same again.

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Take them Outside

You really don’t need to have a studio set-up to get the best out of photographing kids. Shooting pictures of them outside in a natural setting, not only produces better results, it also prevents you and them from getting bored during the process. Let them run around, play with their toys. Try to pick up on their freedom of play and movement and build an image around that.

Get Down to Their Level

Think about the child’s perspective. They literally don’t see the world from a grown-up’s point of view.  Get on the ground so you can see a kid’s-eye-view of the world. Sitting at their eye level, or even lying on the ground and shooting up to them works best.


 Use Digital Presets

Now you’ve got the pictures, you’ll be trying to come up with a way to make them look super cool in a unique way. Digital presets may be just the thing you’re looking for. Basically a preset is a file that is used to edit or enhance your images, to just about an infinite level of adjustment.

Whether your picture’s looking a little grainy or you want to shift the contrast, exposure, color or other settings, a preset will allow you to make it happen. If you’re looking for an easy and intuitive solution to changing settings, professional Adobe Lightroom presets is a good place to start.

Let them Rule

 If you’re photographing infants they’re obviously not going to be offering any input, but toddlers and older kids can come up with some very creative ideas. Let them use their own props, dance around and be silly. Ask them what they want to be doing in the picture.

And most of all prepare to get down and be silly with them. This is an important part of putting them at ease, so they’ll relax and have fun.


Be Ready for Anything

It’s a given that a photo session with kids requires a lot of patience. You never know what might happen right? So be ready for the unexpected, because that’s often the best opportunity to capture a real gem. Make sure you camera’s set up and ready to shoot, and be ready to move quickly if the situation arises.

Whether it’s your own children or someone else’s you’re photographing, the key is making the images look natural. If the child is reluctant, build a setting and watch how it unfolds. Start shooting pictures as it progresses and follow it through. Remember, you can never take too many pictures. The more you take, the more special moments you have to choose from.

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