Nature and Wildlife Photography: Animals & Reptiles

Nature and Wildlife Photography:
Animals & Reptiles

Learn some great tips and techniques for photographing animals and reptiles.
Learn about animals, their habitats, behaviors and actions.

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wildlife photography deer
White-tailed deer © Jeff Parker. All rights reserved.

Nothing exists for itself alone, but only in relation to other forms of life. – Charles Darwin

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Wildlife Habitats: Photographers Follow the Cycles of Change
Learn reasons why our habitats for wildlife and birds are constantly changing or on the move.
By Andy Long

Tips for Photographing Wildlife Interaction
Learn about animal movement, behavior, action, shutter speed, ISO and more.
By Andy Long

African Photo Safaris: 10 Tips for Finding Wildlife
It’s the number 1 challenge for wildlife photographers – these suggestions make the search for animals easier.
By Mario Fazekas

Mountain Goats: Photographing the Masters of the Mountain
Learn about their habitats, behaviors and actions and where to find and photograph them.
By Andy Long

Photographing African Wild Dogs on an African Safari
Learn about ‘painted dog’ behavior, how to photograph them and the camera gear used.
By Mario Fazekas

Photographing Leopards on an African Safari
Learn about their behavior, how to photograph them and the camera gear used.
By Mario Fazekas

Wild Horses – Tips for Photographing the Action
Learn techniques for making images of wild horse behavior at Sand Wash Basin, Colorado.
By Andy Long

Photographing Life Underwater with Mike Ellis
Interview with a photographer and divemaster – learn about diving, camera gear, photo lighting and safety.
By Noella Ballenger

Best Ways to Photograph Javelinas
Learn when, where, and how and about their habitats and behavior.
By Jeff Parker

Photographing Cheetahs on an African Safari
Learn about Cheetah behavior, how to photograph them and the camera gear used.
By Mario Fazekas

Photographing Snakes in the Wild
Get tips: safety first – know the species and how to handle and make images of snakes.
By Jeff Parker

Photographing Lions on an African Safari
Learn about lion behavior, where and when to see them, and the camera gear used.
By Mario Fazekas

7 Tips for Photographing Deer & Elk
Be prepared for the next photo adventure – learn some tricks to making great wildlife images.
By Jeff Parker

Photographing Dangerous Animals: Part 1 – Bears & Big Cats
Learn how to get closer to wild animals – learn behaviors, how to stay safe and what camera lenses work best.
By Michael Leggero

Photographing Dangerous Animals: Part 2 – Bison, Elk & Moose
Learn how to safely capture images of powerful animals with hooves, big horns and antlers.
By Michael Leggero

Wildlife Photography: Tips to Get You Started
Get help planning for a wildlife photo adventure – step-by-step guidelines.
By Noella Ballenger

Canada’s New Biosphere: Where Photographers Click with Nature
Learn about the Bras d’Or Lakes, Nova Scotia biosphere–sustaining & preserving animal & plant diversity while satisfying human presence.
By Jim Austin

HDR Wildlife Photography
Pick up some high dynamic range photo tips – pick up your camera, pick a critter, be patient and keep on clicking…
By Jim Austin

Getting to Know Michael Poliza: German Wildlife & Landscape Photographer
An interview by M. Meier

An Amateur Photographer? Bear & Eagle Photos Tell a Different Story
What’s your definition of an amateur or professional photographer? Get introduces to “professional” photographer Karen Pleasant.
By Noella Ballenger

Gatorland: Made for Gators, Taken Over by the Birds
The feathers are flying–at Gatorland? It’s a bird photographer’s paradise in Florida.
By Andy Long

Sea for Yourself: Immerse Yourself in Aquarium Photography
Learn how to capture great photos of the fish behind the glass.
By Jim Austin

Foxes of Winter: A Photographer’s Delight
Visit some Colorado locations. Find out where & how-to…
By Andy Long

Gators and Beyond: Seen, or Heard, the Alligator Farm?
Photograph the critters at Florida’s St. Augustine’s Alligator Farm.
By Jim Austin

<style=”text-decoration: none” target=”_blank” href=””> The Wild Animal Sanctuary: A Refuge from Their Plight
Learn about a Colorado wildlife sanctuary that rescues unwanted or abused captive carnivores.
By Ashley Watson

Where are the Whales: Hunting Delays Create Empty Stomachs for Some Polar Bears
Travel to Kaktovik on Barter Island, Alaska, where the polar bears are waiting for their next meal.
By Andy Long

Danger in the Field: Photographic Tales from the Edge
Is a bull elk charging, a rattlesnake ready to strike or an Alaska brown bear making threats? Find out.
By Andy Long

Photographing Polar Bears…a trip remembered
Take a photographic journey to Churchill, Canada and enjoy an array of polar bear photos.
By Noella Ballenger

Life on a Bone Pile: Polar Bears & Arctic Foxes Make Strange Acquaintances
It’s dinner time in Kaktovik, Alaska, where the hunting comes easy. Take a photographic journey.
By Andy Long

Seeing is Believing
Get some great photo tips and learn how to capture wildlife action shots.
By Andy Long

Life with Animals: A Photo Essay
A Photo Essay of Wild Domestic Animals in Armenia.
By Osvanna Hovsepyan

Striking Out: Those Unproductive Photography Days in the Field
Learn what it takes to get those wildlife photos.
By Andy Long

Wild Colorado
Join Andy Long in his home state of Colorado.
By Andy Long

Predator Prey: Wildlife Hypocrites and Different Tactics
Read the drama of predator/prey while photographing birds in the Falkland Islands.
By Andy Long

Special Moments
An photo experience in the wild.
By Andy Long

Apogee Alligator Adventures
A Gator Guide: wild Apogee Adventure with a pinnacle predator.
By Jim Austin

Photographing Chipmunks
Learn about these animals and how to photograph them.

By L. L. Rue III

When to Help
In nature we, as humans, don’t always do what is best.
By Andy Long

Pika, A High Country Critter
Photographing a little known mountain critter.
By L. L. Rue III

Photographing Red Fox Dens
Learn how.
By L. L. Rue III

Call ‘Em In: Attract predators with sounds that mimic their prey
How do you get great photos of predators in the wild? Learn how…
By L. L. Rue III

Photographing at the San Diego Zoo
The opportunity to get images of wildlife that you’ll never get in the wild.
By L. L. Rue III

Almost, But Not Quite: Capturing Images of Wildlife in Action!
Pick up some tips to help you get more hits than misses in your wildlife photography.
By Andy Long

First Class Photography: Zoo Photography
Learn how to get the best photos.
By Willis T. Bird

Elephant Seals … A “Must-See” for Photographers!
Activities at the Piedras Blancas rookery can provide a rich opportunity for wildlife photography.
By Noella Ballenger

By Andy Long

The Best Photo Blind You’ll Ever Find and It Comes with Whitewalls
You may already own the best photography blind for photographing wildlife.
By Cathy and Gordon Illg

Black Bears

By Andy Long

Black Tailed Deer
By Andy Long

They Captured This Wildlife Photographer’s Heart!
Once you decide to photograph controlled animals, how can you create the best images possible?
By Noella Ballenger

Bighorn Sheep
By Andy Long

One Day Love Affair
Photographing a pine marten.
By John Marriott

The Badger
Learn about nature’s digging machine.
By Andy Long

Wildlife Through the Window
Sometimes the best wildlife photography is right in your own backyard.
By Gene Garrison

Get a short course on these animals and where to find them.
By Andy Long

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