The Photo Contest: “Orange”

Contests that involve colors always bring out the best images. This contest, “Orange”, was no different. These were the finest images we have seen in a long time. It was hard to choose so I have included a few more “Honorable Mentions” than usual.

This time we chose “Sunset Colors, New Mexico” by Simone Sbaraglia as our Grand Prize Winner. Not only did Sbaraglia produce an image appropriate to the theme, but the composition and quality of the image were outstanding. Looking at it, one cannot help being impressed by the depth of the image. The viewer is literally drawn into it. The slight darkening of the edges as well as the placement of the elements such as the grasses in the foreground, and the lines created by the clouds and the horizon all serve to pull the viewer’s eye deep into the image.

Our Runner-up goes to Patricia Verburg’s image “Mushrooms, Korea”.We liked the use of complementary colors in the composition as well as the arrangement of the mushroom within the image. The texture of the mushroom as well as the color provides a visual interest that hold the viewer.

Congratulations to the Honorable Mentions in this contest. All of the images made clear statements about the power of orange, and were excellent photographs as well.

Click on each image to see larger version.

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Grand Prize Winner

“Sunset Colors, New Mexico”

Simone Sbaraglia
Miami, Florida

First Runner-up:

“Mushrooms, Korea”

Patricia Verburg
Antwerp, Belgium

Honorable Mention:

“Orange Leaf”

Sarah Hampton
Arvada, Colorado

Honorable Mention:

“The Orange Line

Stephanie Luke
Cottonwood, California

Honorable Mention:

Melting Pumpkins”

Ellie Kaul
McIntosh, Florida
Honorable Mention:

“Orange Barrel Graveyard”

Wallace Bradley
111 Alan Ct.
Macon, GA 31216


Honorable Mention:


Yale Gurney
New York City

Honorable Mention:


Marda Jordan,
Shelton, Washington

Honorable Mention:

“Heading Home”

Bob Gates
Jamesville, New York

Honorable Mention:

“California Poppy”

Roy Allen
Newbury Park, California

Honorable Mention:

“Sun Streaked”

Chris Forslin
Prior Lake, Minnesota

Honorable Mention:

“Doctor’s Prescription”

Requel Legaspino
Iligan City, Philippines

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