Best Camera Under $100 of 2018

Cameras, just like most other products, have a vast assortment of products which range from the high-end, top spec, and top-priced models, down to the other end of the scale where you have products which can do the same basic functions without all the bells and whistles and don’t cost the earth either.
In this review, we are going to look at this second category which is hugely popular and to help you we will consider the pros and cons of the best cameras under $100 and select our top choice.

Best Camera For Under $100

Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

If ever there was a brand that you could instantly associate with its niche, it is Kodak and cameras. While they may have had a rough time these recent years and certainly not the dominant force in the industry they once were, products like their 'Printomatic' digital print camera prove they are still able to produce very appealing cameras.

If we were asked to come up with a one-word description of this Kodak camera, it would have to be ‘easy.’ This camera is simplicity itself with no complicated controls, levers, buttons or anything else that if you are a technophobe, would typically have you walking in the opposite direction.

This is as point and click as it gets, and then once you have done that, waiting for a few seconds before your printed photograph appears in all its glory from the side of the camera. That’s right. No need for worrying about connectivity to a computer or printer, no cables, sockets, USBs or any of that. Simply press the button and wait.

The photos that the camera prints measure 2 inches by 3 inches, so they are not exactly poster size but given they have been taken digitally; if there were any that you did want to enlarge at a print shop you’d have the means to do so by just giving them your memory card where the image is stored. The other great thing about the hard copy photos is they resist fingerprints, water damage, and smudges.

Now at this point, you might be thinking, ‘printing = messy cartridges,’ but rest easy, because the prints use zinc photo paper which means no ink, no toner and certainly no messy cartridges.

This simplicity of this does not mean that the technology is so basic that the images it produces are not worth seeing. Quite the opposite. The 'Printomatic' digital print camera has an impressive 10-megapixel resolution which will produce high-quality photos, there’s autofocusing to make each image clear, and a built-in flash so you are covered even if it is a gloomy day.


Very easy to use
Instantly prints the photos
No messy cartridges
10 MP resolution
Built-in flash


Very motion sensitive
No print paper with the camera

Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera (Yellow), Full Color Prints On ZINK 2x3" Sticky-Backed Photo Paper - Print Memories Instantly
  • ALL-IN-ONE PHOTOGRAPY - The 10-megapixel, point-and-shoot PRINTOMATIC Camera offers a combination of a powerful 10MP sensor with a wide angle f/2 lens that instantly and automatically prints hi quality color or black and white photos directly from the camera body, just point and shoot making it the ideal all-in-one solution for capturing and sharing vibrant prints instantaneously wherever you are
  • FAST EASY AND FUN - Forget computers. Forget cumbersome printers just point and shoot the camera's speed allows you to shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot. It also comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on the flash in low-light settings. No computer necessary
  • ONE STOP PRINTING - The Kodak Printomatic camera instantly and automatically prints high-quality vibrant 2X3" photos. The camera uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper, so no ink cartridges, toners or film are needed. The photo prints are durable, water-resistant, tear resistant, smudge free and adhesive-backed. The Kodak Printomatic camera is fast, fun, and easy to use providing you with on-the-spot results
  • CHARMING DESIGN - Comes in Variety of Fun, Bold Colors; compact in size Slips neatly even into your shirt pocket make it easy to carry around as you go about your day, ensuring you always have it on hand
  • INSTANT VALUE - Despite its many digital technological advancements the Kodak Printomatic Camera is an easy-to-use and an accessible-to-all product at a price point you would expect to pay for an analog instant camera the camera has slots for attaching a neck strap, and saves photos to a microSD card

Sunlea Digital Vlogging Camera

Sunlea Digital Vlogging Camera

You most likely know that blogging is where individuals write articles or posts for others who are interested in the same subject. Vlogging is where it is done via video, and the Sunlea digital camera is a great way to make these videos. Even if you are not a ‘vlogger,’ you will still love the quality of the videos and still images it can produce.

To find a camera with the specifications and features that this camera from Sunlea has is rare, so we were keen to try it out. The first thing to mention is that its image sensor is rated at 24 megapixels which places it in the same category as some cameras costing 3 or 4 times its price.

The video recording images are every bit as impressive. It can record videos with a resolution of 1080 MP plus it can record in different formats if required. For dark or gloomy scenes there is a retractable flashlight which can remain on as you record your videos

For viewing the images, you are about to or have already recorded; there is a clear 3-inch LCD display which can be rotated up to 180°. This means not only can you record the people and things around you, but if you want to talk to the camera or simply take a selfie, you can see it is framed correctly by looking at the display as you record.

The controls on the back of the camera are straightforward which makes using the camera a pleasure rather than a stressful chore. From here you can select one of the shooting or scene modes for when you are shooting sports events or want to have the image in landscape orientation. There are also some fun effects that you can use like making the image sepia colored or adjusting the color to a warmer or cooler effect.

For uploading any images you have captured, the camera comes with a USB cable for connection to your laptop or PC. The Sunlea is lightweight and compact so carrying it wherever you plan to take pictures or videos is no problem either.


Ideal for recording videos
24-megapixel resolution
180° rotating display
Multiple shooting and effects modes
Lightweight and compact


No wireless connectivity
Not touchscreen

Heegomn Digital Camera

Heegomn Digital Camera

The Heegomn Digital Camera is one of the most distinctive digital cameras we have come across, and to say it made a splash would be right. We say splash because the Heegemn Digital Camera is fully waterproof making it an ideal solution if you wish to take photographs near, in, or even underwater.

Now let’s explain from the start we are not suggesting this camera can be taken on deep sea diving missions and be used to capture images of life at the bottom of the ocean. However, what it can be used for, is photography in swimming pools and when swimming at the beach, to depths of up to 3 meters.

There’s no point in being able to take photographs in both dry and wet environments if the images that the camera produces are not up to scratch so let’s look at how the Hegemon Digital Camera measures up.
Regarding picture quality, it comes with a 21-megapixel resolution for still images, which might not be the highest spec, but it’s still impressive for a camera that costs well under $100. Add into the mix the fact that when recording it produces full HD videos then it must be admired.

To make images even better quality, you have various modes which can be chosen depending on the conditions and type of image you are capturing. There’s a mode for nighttime including auto-flash, a sports mode for high-action shots, plus there is a portrait mode for when you want to take great close-up images of your friends and family

Using the Heegomn Digital Camera is easy and fun, with a very well laid out series of buttons and controls which lets you select all the modes and settings. There is also the excellent 2.4-inch display where you can see precisely each scene you are about to photograph or video, and once you have done so, you can then view them immediately.


Simple controls
Multiple image modes
Full HD videos
Very low price


Not wireless
memory card not included

Heegomn Ditigal Camera Ultra HD 21MP Waterproof Camera 2.4" LCD Screen Underwater Video Camera with 800mAH Li-Ion Battery for Snorkelling, Black
  • [Full HD Digital Camera] Built-in 8.0 pixels cmos sensor with 2.4" LCD display, wide angle lens, 4x digital zoom, wide angle lens and memory storage up to 64GB, heegomn digital camera supports ultra HD 21.0MP(5616X3744) images and 720P(1280X720) HD video recording.
  • [3M Waterproof] Made of premium material with a sturdy structure, this waterproof camera always has a good performance on photos and vidoe recording in water even in 3m deep, captures high-quality 21MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps and the video resolution reach 720P HD resolution.
  • [Rich Mode Selections] Heegomn digital camera offers a various of scene mode to meet different scenarios requirements. Auto mode, sport mode, portrait mode and more, the night vision includes indoor scenes and night scapes, which enable to you to take clear photos and videos during the night.
  • [Practicality & Portable] Made of high-class material with simply stylish design, very lightweight and easy to carry and store, this video recorder is perfect to be a gift, and good for kids, students, sports or outdoors enthusiasts, recording every special lovely and happy moments in your life.
  • [Durability]Build-in 800Mah li-Ion battery can be sustainable 3.0-3.5 hours, the memory storage max up to 32GB(sd card not included) allows you to store more than 3000 images or 3 hours videos, and you can understand the operation easily thanks for the insturction.

Suntak Waterproof Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Suntak Waterproof Point and Shoot Digital Camera

There’s no end to the fun in our reviews as our next candidate from Suntak is another waterproof camera. It’s small and compact, so it can be taken anywhere to capture great photos or videos, and that includes the swimming pool and the beach.

This is not only a great camera to capture fun moments with your family and friends as they splash about in the pool, but it can also be used to get great shots of sporting activities such as water polo or diving. You can even set it up on a tripod, set the timer, and capture yourself jumping or diving into the pool.
Whether you are taking photographs on dry land or in water, you will want to know that the images you are capturing are worth seeing, and the Suntak Digital Camera certainly enables that. It takes images with a resolution of 24 megapixels which is right is right up there with some of the better cameras, plus it has 1080 MP for when you want to record moving images instead of static ones.

Other functions which will enhance your enjoyment of this camera include anti-shake which is bound to prove invaluable if you are taking photographs while in the water. There is also face detection which helps to focus on the person or people you are photographing.

One feature of the Suntak Waterproof Point and Shoot Digital Camera we think is amazing is the dual-screen. Unlike the vast majority of cameras, this has not just the usual LCD screen on the back of the camera, but when you want to take selfies, there is a smaller screen in the front. This lets you see yourself so that you can take the best selfie possible.

Once you have all the images you need, you can then download them via the USB cable which is supplied, onto your computer for editing, or to post on your social media page for the world to enjoy.


24 MP resolution
Ideal for capturing water sport images
Dual screen for taking perfect selfies
Very easy to operate


No wireless connectivity
Battery cover troublesome

Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera,Waterproof Point and Shoot Digital Video Recorder Cameras
  • Holiday Trip Waterproof Camera-- Take this waterproof sports camera with you,record beautiful and excited underwater moment while you are out on holiday trip.It's a great choice for traveling,camping,hiking or celebration gift
  • Dual Screen-- With 2.7" Selfie Screen&1.8" Front LCD Display.24MP resolution for photo takings and 1080P for video recordings
  • Function&Modes-- Continue Shot,Flash light,Anti-shake,Face detection,Smile capture; Modes: Auto/Night Portrait/Night Scenery/Portrait/Scenery/Beach/High sensitivity
  • How to Use:One hand presses cover lock;Another hand(or use a screwdriver) pushes out battery cover meanwhile to open battery door!Please buy Class 10 Sandisk Cellphone TF Card 32G Max(transfer speed over 90MB/S).Take out battery to keep it dry while not using
  • Product Message-- Completed product checking before shipping to make sure all item works as advertised. With 30 days money back and one year warranty includes after-sale customer service.

Sony DSCW800/B Digital Camera

Sony DSCW800/B Digital Camera

If you like products which not only perform brilliantly but also have a design which makes them look a class above the others, then the Sony DSCW800/B Digital Camera could be right up your street. It is priced at less than $100 but when you see its brushed gunmetal exterior and uncluttered control layout you could be forgiven for thinking it cost five times that amount.

Having mentioned its design, we now want to check out its performance regarding the photographs it takes and the videos it records. At the heart of this is its 20.1-megapixel HAD CCD image sensor which produces images with excellent contrast and clarity.

When it comes to the quality of the home movies or videos you capture when you are out about the movie mode gives you 720 HD quality which puts it on a level similar to most cameras in this category. Other features help to enhance the quality of your images include an image stabilization software called ‘Steady Shot’ which helps prevent blurring and keeps the captured image as sharp as possible.

One great feature we love to see on cameras is a 360° panoramic mode, and we were delighted when we discovered that this camera has this. You simply point, hold the button down, turn around in a circle and let the camera do the rest. It will capture the scenes around you as you turn, and will then stitch the images together into one, seamless panoramic image.

Another fantastic option this Sony Camera is the ‘Easy Mode,’ which will be especially appealing to those who don’t like things too complicated. ‘Easy Mode’ reduces the menu system on the display so that taking photos is as easy as it can be.


Classy looking camera
Straightforward layout
Easy menu mode
Image stabilization
Panoramic 360° feature


Zoom is limited to 5x
Flash not powerful

Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)
  • MP Super HAD CCD sensor for beautifully detailed images. Blink Detection
  • Sony Lens w/ 5x Optical Zoom and 360 sweep panorama
  • Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization
  • Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode
  • Simplify camera menu with Easy Mode; Digital Zoom- Still images: 20M approx.10x, 10M approx.7.1x, 5M approx.9.9x, VGA approx.40x, 2M(16:9) approx.13x, Movies: Digital Zoom approx. 10x (*1)


This was a group of products that we truly had great fun testing and reviewing mainly because we were looking at cameras which all cost less than $100 and so should be within in the budget of virtually everyone. Each of them had at least one unique feature that we knew somebody reading this would absolutely love and enjoy using.

But as always, no matter if we loved them all, we need to pick a winner, and for us, the best digital camera under $100 is the Suntak Waterproof Point and Shoot Digital Camera.

While this is never going to match some of the technology you would find in cameras costing over $100, it still produces excellent quality photographs and images. But it’s not just that. This camera is great fun too.

First, it has the dual screen, which was unique amongst all the cameras we tested. This makes it ideal for not only taking selfies but taking great selfies.

Next, we have the fact that it is waterproof and can be used to photograph or video everything from your kids splashing in the pool, to great action shots of your local water polo team.

The possibilities of the sorts of photographs and videos you could capture are endless, and they are all fun. When you add in the fact this is a sub-$100 digital camera, it is a winner all the way.

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