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The world of insect and spider photography. You should find our articles below helpful in exploring this unusual, but nevertheless exciting, subject

Close-up image of a wasp on leaf with water drops by Edwin Brosens.
© Edwin Brosens. All rights reserved.

 Nature invites us to take a closer look. It is an experience in mysterious detail. – Marla Meier

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Fine Art Microphotography
Learn how to create fine art microphotography of insects through creativity, visualization, composition, simplicity, and more.
By Huub de Waard

How to Photograph Insects
Learn about the photo equipment and techniques used to capture every detail.
By Edwin Brosens

How to Photograph Insects for Art
Learn the step-by-step, in the field, macro and flash technique for photographing insects with white backgrounds.
By Edwin Brosens

Composition Basics in Microphotography
Learn about view point, ‘look room’, headroom, rule of thirds, backgrounds and leading lines for insect images.
By Huub de Waard

Insect and Spider Macro Photography Tips
Easy to use in the field, these hands-on Tipographics will improve your macro photo skills.
By Juergen Roth and Marla Meier

Practical Microphotography
Learn how to capture every small detail of insects and spiders by making extreme close-up images.
By Huub de Waard

How to Make Macro Photos of Ants
Study ants habitats and behaviors. Learn about equipment and some techniques needed to create macro images.
By Edwin Brosens

Macro Photography: Guide to Photographing Bugs
Learn when, where and how to find them, and techniques for creating the images.
By Neomi Zehavi Goldshtein

Flash Techniques: Insect Macro Photography
Learn how to use various flash equipment and techniques to control the shadows and shutter speed.
By Edwin Brosens

A Micro View of Our Garden: Photographing Insects & Spiders
Beetles, flies and spiders – learn about their behaviors and get some tips on how to make very, very up close images.
By Huub de Waard

Practical Tips to Insect Microphotography
Learn how to get really, really close-up photos of bugs and spiders.
By Huub de Waard

Introduction to Microphotography
Learn about magnification calculations, camera settings and the equipment used to create super close-up photos of the eyes and heads of bugs.
By Huub de Waard

How to Make Photos of Parasitic Wasps
Learn about parasitic wasps and the many camera techniques used to make some incredible images.
By Edwin Brosens

Biodiversity: Nature in the City—Part 2: How to Create Photos of Insects
Connect with nature in your city and get a few tips on how to capture images of insects. Help your community be aware of biodiversity.
By Edwin Brosens

Butterfly Houses
Learn how to get great photos of many species of butterflies at the Butterfly Houses.
By Andy Long

A Day in the Life of an Insect Photographer
Learn what it takes to create incredible insect photos.
By Edwin Brosens

First Class Photography: Flying Flowers
Butterflies have been called “flying flowers.” Find out how to photograph these beautiful creatures.
By Willis T. Bird

Capturing Butterflies
Getting the most out of your butterfly photos.
By Jakub Jasinski

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